kid eternal (kideternal) wrote in futureguess,
kid eternal

i've been thinking about the future

  • cellphone/ipod/pda's merge into a thin-client device w/wi-fi connectivity.
  • gdrive/livedrive/etc. provide unlimited storage accessible over tcp/ip.
  • itunes/netflix/etc. switch to a streaming "pay-per-use" model w/optional subscription fees.
  • your music/video collection is thus every song and film ever made for only a few bucks a month.
  • boxed software vanishes; subscription-based "software as a service" reigns.
  • web-browsers evolve into thin-client virtual-application windows capable of displaying any type of content: audio/video/graphics/etc. (think RDP, only application-based.)
  • "ownership" becomes uninteresting; "virtual living" ensues.
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