Dan Goodman (dsgood) wrote in futureguess,
Dan Goodman

Beyond the governments we know

From a post I made in rec.arts.sf.composition:

"Government" and "the State" are nowhere near being exact synonyms. Non-state governments include: hunter-gatherer bands; shifting agriculture tribes; nomadic tribes, and governments which have authority over a number of such tribes.

Feudal governments are an intermediate case, I think.

Questions which might be useful to sf writers:

1) What kind of government comes after states? (Possible answers include "none," of course.)

2) If state governments are replaced by something else, will anti-statists welcome or oppose that replacement? (Both, I suspect -- resulting in some heated discussion.)

3) If state governments are replaced by something else, how will people who've been loyal to the State react?

4) How will myths, legends, and historical fiction view the governments of our simpler, kinder (and simultaneously barbaric and violent) age?

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