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From the NYTimes:
Fabrizio Fante and Eugene John Bellida dream of a world in which everyone has the power to greenlight a movie. The young entrepreneur-filmmakers - who operate a pair of related Web sites, moviesforthemasses.org and IBI Films (at ibiny.com) - have been asking Internet visitors to vote for film projects by donating at least $1 toward any of a list of movie synopses, promising to put the money into the designated film and give every donor an executive producer credit.

My take: Unworkably inefficient. The data entry expense alone is probably more than a dollar per person. I suspect anyone whose knowledge of economics includes Ronald Coase's Theory of the Firm could think of numerous other problems.
From the Smartmobs LiveJournal feed:


Roadcasting allows anyone to have their own radio station, broadcasted among cars in an ad-hoc network within a 30-mile radius. It plays the songs that people want to hear and transforms car radio into an interactive medium.

The source code is available in order to encourage the development of the service so that it may one day become the preferred radio delivery method.

Authors: Jim Garretson, Whitney Hess, Jordan Kanarek, Mathilde Pignol and Megan Shia, for the Masters in Human Computer Interaction at Carnegie Melon.

Via unmediated http://www.unmediated.org/archives/2005/05/roadcasting.php
From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php:
Public Release: 22-May-2005
The anatomy of sarcasm: Researchers reveal how the brain handles this complex communication
The ability to comprehend sarcasm depends upon a carefully orchestrated sequence of complex cognitive skills based in specific parts of the brain. Yeah, right, and I'm the Tooth Fairy. But it's true: New research details an "anatomy of sarcasm" that explains how the mind puts sharp-tongued words into context.
From the Christian Science Monitor:
Need a tutor? Call India.
Like other oursourced services, Americans students' tutors may now be on the other side of the world. By Anupreeta Das and Amanda Paulson
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