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Mad science breathing down our necks

From the smartmobs LiveJournal feed:

02:08 am - Japanese Use Cell Phone QR Bar Code Readers to Check Food Safety

QR codes are reducing the fear factor for foodstuffs in Japan as agricultural associations embrace the new wireless technology tagging fresh produce for quick access to mobile information web sites. Gail Nakada reports for Wireless Watch Japan [http://www.wirelesswatch.jp].

"A new English language report [.PDF] [http://www.nttdocomo.com/files/presscenter/34_No25_Doc.pdf] released this month by NTT DoCoMo on QR code use in agriculture reveals the growing popularity of this medium.

"In the supermarket, consumers use camera equipped cell phones to scan the QR code on the label. The code links to a mobile website detailing origin, soil composition, organic fertilizer content percentage (as opposed to chemical), use of pesticides and herbicides and even the name of the farm it was grown on".

Smartmobs snipped this: Consumers can also access the same information over the Ibaraki Agricultural Produce Net website [http://ibrk.jp/] by inputting a numbered code on each label.

12:14 pm - Amateur Genetic Engineering


DNA Hack [http://www.dnahack.com] is website for Amateur Genetic Engineering. The site has tons of resources, supplies, how-tos and this interesting snippet from Michael Schrage in the June 2003 Technology Review: "Maybe bathtub biotech will be the next to capture the mindshare of the techie tinkerers. Maybe bioinformatics and the diffusion of genetic engineering technologies will inspire a new generation of bio-hackers. Certainly the technologies are there for those inclinded to genetically edit their plants or pets. Maybe a mouse or E. coli genome becomes the next operating system for hobbyists to profitably twiddle. Perhaps this decade will bring a Linus Torvalds or Bill Gates of bio-hackerdom -- a hobbyist-turned-entrepreneur who can simultaneously innovate and market his or her DNA-driven ideas

Via Make [http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/2005/05/dna_hacking.html]
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