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Buckyball pollution, etc.

From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php:
Public Release: 9-May-2005
Environmental Science & Technology
New research raises questions about buckyballs and the environment
In a challenge to conventional wisdom, scientists have found that buckyballs dissolve in water and could have a negative impact on soil bacteria. The findings raise new questions about how the nanoparticles might behave in the environment and how they should be regulated.

Public Release: 9-May-2005
Journal of the Geological Society
Surf not up for Palaeozoic creatures - new model reveals ancient sea was a giant lake
The ancient sea was more like a giant salty lake than a rolling ocean, report scientists from Imperial College London in the May edition of the Journal of the Geological Society. A new computer model that simulates how tides in North West Europe would have behaved 300 million years ago shows a sea with so little movement that it was unlike any on Earth today.

Public Release: 9-May-2005
Hand gestures linked to better speaking
Can't find the right word? You might want to start moving your hands. New research at the University of Alberta suggests that gesturing while you talk may improve your access to language.

Public Release: 9-May-2005
Geophysical Research Letters
As world warms, vegetation changes may influence extreme weather
Extreme weather events, such as storms and heat waves, can vary substantially depending on how vegetation responds to global warming. This is believed to be the first study to indicate that as vegetation responds to climate change, those changes in ground cover may affect where and how often extreme weather events occur.
National Science Foundation, Packard Foundation
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