Dan Goodman (dsgood) wrote in futureguess,
Dan Goodman

Notes on fictional futures

From a post I made in rec.arts.sf.composition:

How far in the future [is your story set]? If it's five years or more, I would expect there to be some startling changes: perhaps in technology, perhaps in political alignments.

Twenty years: turn-of-the-millenium women's clothing appears in fashion magazines (or their electronic replacements) -- reproduced in much more expensive fabrics. Nostalgic tv shows about the 1990s. Historical romances set in the gentler, simpler time of the 1980s.

Fifty years: Discussion of American politics commonly includes nostalgic references to the 2000's -- when Americans agreed on basic political beliefs, and politicians (and others involved in public affairs; party volunteers, for example) were polite to those on the other side.

[No, I am not joking in the two previous paragraphs. And I am not using hyperbole.]
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